Women of the Red Tent
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History of the Red Tent

In such ancient cultures as that of Native Americans, Africans, and Chinese, red is a symbolic color of strength or female power. The Red Tent is rooted in ancient Christian history as a gathering place for women. In biblical times, women were admitted to the Red Tent when giving birth or menstruating because the men in their communities feared contamination from these biological processes. In the book "The Spirit of Indian Women", the author states,

"When a woman is having her moon, her blood is flowing, and this blood is full of mysterious powers that are related to childbearing. At this time, she is particularly powerful...a woman's power and a man's are opposites, not in a necessarily bad way, but in a good way. Because of the power a woman has during this time, it is best that, out of respect for her men and for their medicinal trinkets and beliefs, she stay away from them. During this time, the men would often build a small lodge for the woman while other female relatives serve on her needs."

Thus, the Red Tent.

The Red Tent eventually became a sacred gathering area where women went to celebrate life as they learned from one another to strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities.

Women of the Red Tent Workshops empower women through various activites to bring her in tune to who and what she is. We collectively work to strengthen ourselves through the collective strengthening of one another.

Contact us today to learn how you or a loved one can join the Women of the Red Tent to increase or enhance your sister strength through collective sister understanding to build upon and make better our collective sisterhood.

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